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Use Single URL/File Compression if you have a single Web page, a single image or a single directory of images to compress.  Convert between 3 styles of GIF and 4 styles of JPEG and find the perfect level of compression for your graphics.  Your graphic can be shown with the same background color as your webpage so you see it exactly as it will be on your page.

If you have a single image on your hard drive to compress, use Single File Compression to upload the file and compress it.  If you have images on a webserver, use Single URL Compression to compress it.  Both methods lead to the same compression options. 

To quickly check a single webpage or image directory use Single URL CompressionGIF Wizard will create a thumbnail image of each graphic on the page or in the directory.  The thumbnail will have our estimated percentage of savings shown in red.  Click on the thumbnail and you will be taken to the single URL compression page for that image. 

Ad-0-Matic is great for resizing and compressing advertising banners to the exact size required.  Select from 35 different banner formats, including all of the IAB/CASIE standard formats. 

Add the magic to your homepage with your own GIF Wizard Direct submit form.  Use one of the three styles shown or custom build your own form. 

Don't have any graphics to check right now?  Take a look at our Samples Images and learn how GIF Wizard works.  There are plenty of options to explore.

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